Media briefing by Esmaré Weideman

Esmaré Weideman, CEO of Media24, feels it is fitting to use this year of design to change the face of the Naspers building – an iconic part of the city we love.

Welcome to Nasdak, our window on the world at the top of the Naspers Centre. With two weeks to go, today is a milestone in our journey to use design to transform this great building. In two weeks time, on 28 February, the competition to “spruce up” this proud landmark on the Foreshore closes.

2014 is a year of milestones. As a country, we celebrate 20 years of democracy. As a city we celebrate a year of design as the fourth World Design Capital. And as a company, we celebrate 100 years of being part of a great city, with our mother company Naspers turning 100 in December – a century since Die Burger was first published.

Looking back, we see so many changes over the last century, some less welcome than others. It is now time to look forward and to embrace the change needed to take us into the future.

So it was fitting to use this year of design to change the face of our building, which has been an iconic part of the city we love.

We love being here. We love being part of a city – and a country – that is so full of creativity, imagination and innovation. And we especially love the idea of drawing on that creativity, imagination and innovation to shape our future here.

That was the driving force behind the decision to bring Design24 to life through the World Design Capital programme.

We’re very excited to see the submissions that we know many people are working on as we speak. This is truly a moment when we can reinforce the roots we have in Cape Town, and to reshape our place in its future.

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