Proposal submissions: guidelines & considerations

These guidelines need to be taken into consideration in the development of design proposals for the Competition

For the Competition, Media24 provides a blank canvas to SA’s brightest minds to inspire creative thinking and pioneer design innovation.

We encourage all interested parties to conceptualise and develop their proposals in support of the WDC 2014 programme theme entitled “African Innovation. Global Conversation.” and with reference to Media24’s overarching strategy to “…remain relevant and useful to consumers and clients and create value for our shareholders.”

The following guidelines need to be taken into consideration in the development of design proposals for the Competition:

  • No alterations to the existing structure of the Naspers Centre will be considered. This implies that proposals need to focus on additions to, installations on, and visual solutions for the existing structure.
  • A number of major property and urban renewal developments are currently planned and/or under way in close proximity to the Naspers Centre, especially to the northern side of the building. The new design solution for the exterior should creatively and thoughtfully complement the following projects that support the vision of a Foreshore Precinct that will become a hub for cultural events and activities in the city.

* The expansion of the Cape Town International Convention Centre with new exhibition halls of 10 storeys, as well as a new office block of 20 storeys.
* The expansion and upgrade of the Artscape Theatre Complex.
* The new Christiaan Barnard Medical Centre that will be 15 storeys in height.

  • The design brief for the Competition refers to the entire exterior of the building. It should be noted that the elevation of the Naspers Centre facing the traffic intersection on Coen Steytler Avenue and Heerengracht Street is envisaged to become the most prominent vantage point of the building.
  • The Naspers Centre shall remain a fully operational office building – 24 hours a day and seven days a week – for the duration of the Competition and implementation of the winning design proposal in 2014.
  • The design and implementation specifications of the winning proposal will have to comply with all relevant regulations of local authorities.
  • Proposals demonstrating relevance across all four WDC 2014 themes and that address key issues such as sustainability and broader community involvement in the realisation of the design initiative, will be favourably considered.
  • Proposals submitted for the Competition must be the entrant’s original work. It is the entrant’s sole responsibility to ensure the proposal does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party, including, but not limited to patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.
  • By participating in the Competition, the entrant agrees that Media24 will have the right to use the proposal submitted as part of the Competition for advertising, promotion, exhibition, print publication and internet purposes directly relating to the Competition.
  • The project will be implemented in 2014 by a team of experts and contractors appointed at the sole discretion of Media24’s management.
  • Media24 has set aside a budget of R15 million (fifteen million South African rand) for the implementation of the chosen design proposal in 2014.
  • A Selection Panel, comprising representatives of the management teams of Media24 and Naspers, will adjudicate submissions in respect of the Competition and select the three winning submissions.
  • Media24 will award the following cash prizes for the three winning submissions:

First prize: R200 000 (two hundred thousand South African rand)
Second prize: R80 000 (eighty thousand South African rand)
Third prize: R40 000 (forty thousand South African rand)

  • The Selection Panel will have the final decision on the three winning submissions and the proposal or combination of proposals selected for implementation. No correspondence or discussions shall be entered into.


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  • Scott Lenton
    January 17th 2014

    07:25 PM

    Hi Media24.
    Myself and a group of students from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University school of architecture are keen to tackle this project. We have read the competition guidelines etc, and have visited the site during our summer vacation.
    Please would you inform us how to get hold of the existing plans/original drawings. These are obviously vital to us as we embark on our design process.
    I apologize in advance if they have already been posted, but directing us to them would be much appreciated.
    Regards, Scott Lenton

    • design24-editor
      January 20th 2014

      07:35 AM

      Dear Lenton,

      We’re delighted that you and your fellow students want to enter the competition.
      Although we did extensive research into the history of the building, we could find only a few usable plans. Please visit and to access the plans we do have available.
      Good luck with your entry. We’re excited to see the creativity and ideas arising out of the design process.

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