The rules of the competition

Rules and regulations for submission of the design proposals to reimagine the façade of the landmark Naspers Centre

Competition rules:

1          For purposes hereof:

1.1            “Building” means the building known as Naspers Centre (address 40 Heerengracht, Cape Town, Foreshore);

1.2            “Competition” means the competition held by Media24 as described in these Rules;

1.3            “Eligible Participant” means the persons and entities described in 3 below;

1.4            “Media24” means Media24 Proprietary Limited, registration number 1950/038385/07, a private company incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa;

1.5            “Prizes” means the cash prizes awarded to the Winning Submissions selected in accordance with the Rules of the Competition comprising –

1.5.1              first prize: R200,000;

1.5.2              second prize: R80,000;

1.5.3              third prize: R40,000;

1.6            “Rules” means the rules of the Competition set out in this document;

1.7            “Selection Panel” means a panel of individuals comprising representatives of the management teams of Media24 and Naspers Limited acting in consultation with design experts from the WDC 2014 panel of curators as well as representatives from the City of Cape Town and Heritage Western Cape (the provincial arm of the South African Heritage Resources Agency);

1.8            “Submission” means a submission of a conceptual design proposal made by an Eligible Participant in compliance with the Rules when entering the Competition;

1.9            “Winning Submission/s” means the Submissions which are placed first, second and third in the Competition, to the extent that winners are selected;

1.10          “WDC 2014” means World Design Capital 2014.

2          Media24 invites Submissions aimed at rejuvenating the exterior of the Building. which will be renamed the Media24 Building with the removal of the Naspers branding and applying the Media24 logo to the exterior thereof. With the Competition, Media24 is seeking ideas that will support and showcase the multi-faceted nature of its operations and dynamic relationship with its audiences, both online and in print.

3          The following persons may enter the Competition:

3.1            individuals who are citizens of South Africa and ordinarily resident in South Africa;

3.2            any foreign national resident in South Africa having a work permit which is valid until 31 December 2014;

3.3            companies, close corporations, trusts and other legal entities registered in accordance with or recognised by the laws of South Africa;

4          A foreign national who does not meet the requirements set out in paragraph 3.2. above may participate in the Competition only in collaboration with a South African citizen who is ordinarily resident in South Africa.

5          Eligible Participants are invited to submit their Submissions online at from Monday, 11 November 2013 to Friday, 28 February 2014. No entry which is submitted in any other manner or outside of this timeframe will be considered for the Competition.

6          Media24 is seeking Submissions with high impact and long term traction. The following must at all times be borne in mind in formulating a Submission -

6.1            no alterations to the existing structure of the Building will be considered.  This implies that proposals need to focus on additions to, installations on and visual solutions for the existing structure;

6.2            a number of major property and urban renewal developments are currently planned and/or under way in close proximity to the Building, especially to the northern side of the Building. The new design solution for the exterior of the Building should creatively and thoughtfully complement the following projects that support the vision of a Foreshore precinct that will become a hub for cultural events and activities in Cape Town -

6.2.1              the expansion of the Cape Town International Convention Centre with new exhibition halls of 10 storeys, as well as a new office bloc of 20 storeys, which will be in close proximity to the Building;

6.2.2              the proposed expansion and upgrade of the Artscape Theatre complex;

6.2.3              the new Christiaan Barnard Medical Centre that will be 15 storeys in height, which will be adjacent to the Building;

6.3            the design brief for the Competition refers to the entire exterior of the Building. It should be noted that the elevation of the Building facing the traffic intersection on Coen Steytler Avenue and Heerengracht Street is envisaged to become the most prominent vantage point of the Building;

6.4            the Building shall remain a fully operational office building – 24 hours a day and seven days a week – for the duration of the Competition and implementation of any of the Winning Submission/s in 2014;

6.5            the design and implementation specifications of the Submissions will have to comply with all relevant regulations of local authorities;

6.6            Submissions should demonstrate relevance across all four WDC 2014 themes and address key issues such as sustainability and broader community involvement in the realisation of the design initiative.

7          Every Submission submitted to the Competition must be the Eligible Participant’s original work. It is the Eligible Participant’s sole responsibility to ensure that no part of his/her Submission infringes upon the intellectual property rights of any third party, including, but not limited to patents, trade marks, designs, copyright and confidential information.

8          Every Eligible Participant agrees to indemnify Media24 and its directors, employees and officers and hold them harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of or resulting from or in connection with a Submission submitted by the Eligible Participant.

9          Every Submission to the Competition must include the following –

9.1            a detailed description of the design concept;

9.2            a supporting PDF at 300 dpi (maximum 3 pages, portrait orientation);

9.3            a broad outline of the cost of implementation of the Submission.

10        By participating in the Competition, the Eligible Participant agrees that:

10.1          all intellectual property rights (including without limitation copyright and design rights) embodied or featured in a Submission shall vest in Media24 and the Eligible Participant cedes and assigns to Media24, to the fullest extent possible in law, such intellectual property rights, without any limitation;

10.2          any moral rights in respect of the rights of copyright in respect of a Submission are waived (which includes the right to claim authorship and to object to any modification of a Submission, of whatever nature);

10.3          Media24 shall be entitled without any restriction to exercise, use, reproduce, adapt, publish, dispose of and encumber any and all of such intellectual property rights, including without limitation in relation to the creation of buildings, models of buildings and the rejuvenation of the Building or any other building or work of architecture or any part thereof; and

10.4          Media24 will have the right to use a Submission for any purpose and in any medium or manner whatsoever including without limitation advertising, promotion, exhibition, print publication and internet purposes.

11        Each Eligible Participant undertakes, if and when required to do so by Media24 to –

1.1            execute all documents including any written consent, agreement or waiver and do all things necessary which Media24 may request in relation to a Submission, to give effect to these Rules;

1.2            provide all reasonable information, materials, co-operation and/or assistance to Media24 to enable Media24 to prove the subsistence of the intellectual property, rights of copyright, and the title to such rights whenever such proof may be required.

12        The Eligible Participants undertake, upon request and as a pre-condition to being considered for any Prize, to execute intellectual property assignments in respect of their Submissions in favour of Media24, in such format as Media24 may require.

13        The Selection Panel:

13.1          will adjudicate Submissions;

13.2          will decide if any Submission qualifies as a Winning Submission;

13.3          may decide that none of the Submissions qualify as Winning Submissions, in which event no Prizes will be awarded;

13.4          may decide to select only the first, or only the first and second, Winning Submissions, but not three Winning Submissions.

14        The Winning Submissions (if they are selected) and the Prizes which are to be paid by Media24 will be announced on 11 April 2014.

15        Media24 shall be entitled in its discretion to select for implementation any part or combination of the Winning Submissions. Implementation will take place during 2014 through a team of experts and contractors appointed by Media24′s management subject to a maximum budget limit of R15,000,000.

16        Apart from the Prizes, Media24 shall incur no liability whatsoever to make any payment or give any other consideration to the Eligible Participant or to any third party on his/her behalf in relation to the use of any Submission or the exercise of any intellectual property rights in relation thereto.

17        The Selection Panel will have the final decision in determining whether to select Winning Submissions and to identify the Winning Submissions. No correspondence or discussions shall be entered into with any Eligible Participant.

Discuss this story

  • Francois Pienaar
    November 5th 2013

    11:05 AM

    Will entries be anonymous can we access detailed drawings?

    • design24-editor
      November 6th 2013

      06:39 AM

      Hi Francois, Entries can not be anonymous and the detailed building dimensions will available on the site during the next few days.

  • Justin Cooke
    November 11th 2013

    08:16 AM

    Do you have an information pack with drawings, plans, floor layouts, Media 24 logo, list of companies etc

  • Kunal Bakani Matikiti
    December 11th 2013

    01:16 AM

    Is there a restriction on the size of the supporting pdf (3 pages)? What size would you prefer?

    • design24-editor
      December 11th 2013

      08:09 AM

      Hi Kunal, the smaller the file size the easier it will be for you to upload to the site, but the site and submission form can handle large file size uploads

  • Andrew Melusi Mboyi
    January 15th 2014

    06:02 PM

    Goodday – since nothing of it is mentioned, are students allowed to enter? what off students who are post graduates.

    • design24-editor
      January 16th 2014

      09:57 AM

      The competition is open to all South Africans of all ages and all disciplines, whether they’re students, post-graduates, professionals, or retirees.

      We’re very excited about the ideas that will be showcased through these concepts. So, unleash your imagination and let those creative juices flow!

  • Fritz Thomashoff
    January 29th 2014

    11:07 AM

    In terms of item 10 of the “Rules of the Competition” you require that the Designer (not just the winning entry) waives all rights in terms of copyright to the design. Is that not a bit harsh? Why no allowance for credit due to the successful designer? In a design competition the prize usually includes a cash payout as well as an appointment to oversee the successful execution of the design.
    Who will be judging the entries? What about appointing an independent body of design professionals or academics to advise on this (preferably from the built environment side as you are dealing with a building..) ?

    • design24-editor
      February 5th 2014

      12:44 PM

      The design of the building will become an integral part of Media24’s unique position in the city, and also in the minds of the city’s and the building’s visitors. As such, it is important that the winning selection becomes a unique identifier for the organisation and its future identity. Copyright ownership is the most effective way of protecting our building’s new design and identity.

      That said, we recognise the value of any designer’s creative ideas and so would always credit the designer who creates the winning design. The competition winners will be celebrated as such and we fully intend to publicly congratulate the successful designers for bringing their imagination to light.

      The competition prize is R320,000, split three ways. The main winner will receive R200,000 and two runners up will receive R80,000 and R40,000 respectively. We have allocated a R15m budget to implement the design, and the winning designer will be involved with the implementation to see their ideas come to life.

      So the winning design will be selected on the basis of independent advice by a panel of independent experts including qualified architectural, construction and design specialists.

  • Judith Reitz
    February 2nd 2014

    09:08 PM

    Hi Disgn-24. What drawings/ vizualisations do you want to have? What is the paper format of the pdf submission? Din A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0? thx

    • design24-editor
      February 20th 2014

      11:39 AM

      Hi Judith – The PDF files can be any size. It does make sense, though, to consider the file size as this may affect the time required to upload the document if you have a slow connection. We would recommend under 50 MB.

  • Joe Davidson
    February 12th 2014

    01:01 PM

    I wish I had known about this earlier..

  • Katja Gevers
    February 18th 2014

    07:16 AM


    We are looking forward to submitting a proposal for the competition, just a few questions: is the submission only in electronic format, and if so does the paper size of the submission matter (A3, A2, A1 etc), I know it must be max 300dpi.

    I am also battling to find the link to the online submission, can you please advise where on the site we actually submit.

    Thank you

    • design24-editor
      February 18th 2014

      07:21 AM

      Hi Katja

      The submission link is please enter online and in electronic format only, paper size does not matter.

      The PDF files can be any size. It does make sense, though, to consider the file size as this may affect the time required to upload the document if you have a slow connection. though we would recommend under 50 MB.

  • Carin Nel
    February 24th 2014

    08:04 AM

    Hi Design 24. Just want to know what logo’s must be on the pages: media 24, design capitol logo , compamy name or must it be a anonymous entry


    • design24-editor
      February 24th 2014

      12:47 PM

      Many thanks for getting in touch. We’re very excited to see the entries coming in, and the creative ideas they contain.

      With regard to the logos, we will be anonymising the entries that come in, keeping an identifiable reference copy. There is no specific treatment we require for the logos. Please feel free to treat the entry as you see fit.

    • design24-editor
      February 24th 2014

      08:27 AM

      Hi Carin, logos are not mandatory, but please make sure your company name and contact details are filled in correctly on the submission form.

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