The Themes Explored

The following groupings will help you to identity the themes

The following groupings will help you to identity the theme that best fits your proposal and/or initiative.

African Innovation. Global Conversation
Any innovative, design-led project, policy, product or event that originated in Africa and that has global relevance.
Unique solutions from a unique continent.
African ideas that have been exported beyond the continent.

Bridging The Divide
Projects that use design to bridge the historical divide between communities, across borders, between first and third worlds, north and south, town and township, advantaged and disadvantaged.
Projects that use design as a tool for reconciliation.
Memory projects.
Creative cross-sector partnerships.
Collaborative projects that connect high and low tech, mass and bespoke, artisanal and technological, thinkers and makers.
Urban and peri-urban renewal projects.

Today for Tomorrow
Green, brown and blue sustainability projects.
Projects that focus on human development, skills training and entrepreneurship.
Education and job creation initiatives.
Legacy projects.

Beautiful Spaces. Beautiful Things
All the beautiful things from our beautiful continent.
Inspiring and original architecture, interiors, landscaping, food, furniture, fashion, jewellery, craft, art, publications, illustration, film, photography and creativity.
Beautiful items that are sold commercially.

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