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  • Lesley-Ann Van Schalkwyk
    April 7th 2014

    08:21 AM

    Not coming from an architectural background, It is a great achievement and success for me to be in the TOP EIGHT.

  • Ernst Kuschke
    April 7th 2014

    03:39 PM

    Are these actual finalists, or are they just ‘notable’?

  • Ke Lu
    April 7th 2014

    06:15 PM

    it is interesting to show all 94 entries.
    Other thing is can you also show the budget for top 8 entries. it is also interesting to know, how much will cost for these creative designs.

  • German De La Melena
    April 9th 2014

    01:45 PM

    My favourite one is Reimagining an Icon followed by The Roots and Media coverage, it is such a big building and very impressive when driving into Cape town that either of them will make a great impression.

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